Lululemon Murder Case to Be Made Into A Book

I was a bit surprised to learn that the Lululemon Murder case is being turned into a book by journalist Dan Morse of The Washington Post, who covered the case from the initial breaking headline of the murder of Jayna Murray to the murder trial of Brittany Norwood, Jayna’s coworker. I know I have a lot of questions about details of the trial, especially why the judge disallowed evidence of Brittany Norwoods shoplifting which could have established motive for the brutal murder of Jayna Murray. That one detail has always stood out to me and I’ve often wondered about why that evidence wasn’t allowed. I’m curious about why Brittany responded so savagely to the accusation and I know there will never be any satisfactory answers to such a senseless crime but I feel the need to know and understand what went on that lead up to that moment in time. There was so much news coverage from many different outlets that it was hard to follow the details of the case so I am interested in reading this book, but I do admittedly have mixed emotions about it. 

How do you readers feel about this book being released? Will you read it? 

Read the Washington Post article about the upcoming book here: Lululemon Murder: Book In The Works. 

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