Lululemon Yoga Barbie Ad Campaign

This video was shared on the lululemon boards on facebook and initially I found it really, really funny that an anti lululemon person would post such a funny and well produced video about a Lululemon Barbie I thought it was funny when it was someone else making this statement. When it dawned on me that Lululemon produced this (in response to the Yoga Barbie by Mattel) my jaw dropped. This is now the third time lululemon has openly mocked its customers in ad campaigns. First it was the Who is John Gault (read Globe and Mail article here) add campaign that Christine Day alleges was misinterpreted due to the ‘campaing being released prior to the literature’ that was meant to give us the appropriate context.  Some of you were with me and thought the conotation of that ad campaign was so wrong and others of you thought it was an overreaction. Next came the ‘Poser’ slogan on the new shopping bags. I kept my mouth shut on that one despite my *side eye* every time I see that bag behind the checkout or see someone proudly carrying that ridiculous bag. But now this. It is obvious Lululemon is actively pursuing an ad campaign that makes fun of the very people that have helped them grow. Not themselves. Us. We are posers according to them.  

Lululemon, here is the joke. Your brand is now representing poorly made mass produced products that fall apart at the seams. Dyes that leach onto furniture and hair and prices that are going up with designs that are easily being replicated elsewhere at lower prices and superior quality. Judging by the last earnings call your investors are starting to give you *side eye* as well. Please. Barbie in Lululemon Pow Pink is not the joke. The joke is when pow pink gets onto her hair extensions and it costs you $200 to fix it. You are becoming to athletic apparel what Via at Starbucks is to coffee. 

Yoga Teacher Barbie

Lululemon’s ‘Perfect Balance Collection’ for Barbie 



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