Power Purple Wunder Unders with Flash Light Define. 

These two colors pair so well together. 

 Bruised Berry Define with Heathered Coal CRB XLong and Ray Wunder Unders. 

The Ray WU’s are almost totally see thru in the rear so keep that in mind what underwear your going to wear with these if you get them. 

I really like this outfit. The simplicity of the colors is really nice. She’s wearing the xtra long CRB (love this one!) in Heathered Coal here paired with Coal Wunder Unders and Bruised Berry Define

 Run: Sun Sprinter Crops. 

I really like these, especially with the embossed dots on them. And I hear they are a mid rise which is essential for me. I’d definitely consider getting these if we weren’t going into summer. 

Run: Dash and Dart Shorts

These are so cute in this print in every photo I’ve seen of them but they are sheer. You can really see how sheer it is in this top photo. Also, print placement will either be your best friend on worst enemy on these. 

Run: Sun Runner SS


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