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The Latest: Run Dart And Dash Shorts, Bruised Berry Define Jacket, Power Purple and Ray Wunder Unders, Amuse Me Pants and More

June 5, 2012

Run: Dart and Dash Shorts

I tried on these shorts today in the all black colorway and really liked them. This picture shows pretty close to where they hit on my leg so they were plenty conservative for me. I hesitated only because I was hoping there would be a black or coal with power purple waist colorway but I think I should just get the all black ones. The rise was a comfortable mid rise and they were TTS. Love the holster pockets. 

Power Purple Wunder Under Crops with Run: Tie and Fly Tank

Power Purple Wunder Unders make me swoon in every picture I see of them, they’re my happy color. I love it here with the Run: Tie and Fly Tank in Flash Light and I’d almost consider getting this top just so I can have one Flash Light Item to pair with these (especially since this top is so long it would hide my problem areas)

 I also really like them paired with Ray but Ray is definitely not a color I’m attracted to. 

The Bruised Berry Define Jacket. I’ve seen this color in person and it’s gorgeous but I haven’t decided yet if it’s quite purple enough for me. At times it reminds me of Wish Blue, and other times I definitely see the purple (like Concord or Lolo). If we get a solid CRB in this color I’ll definitely get it. 

This jacket is photographing so beautifully. The color is so vibrant and electric. 

Run: For Your Money Jumper. 

I’m really not liking this dress in about 70% of pictures. The drop waist luxtreme along with the snugness of the skirt is creating an optical illusion of tummy and wider hips, even on people that those are not problem areas. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you are pear shaped or generally curvy this jumper will do the same and really highlight the tummy area, while the split skirt will highlight your hips. The overall opinion on fit is that this is a size up item because of the snugness of the skirt. 

Clown Pants. Also known as A Muse Me Pants. 

There are 2 of you out there that look fantastic in this style of pant and you really rock it with an edgy cool look with really great funky jewelry. For the rest of us though, these are clown pants that make us look like a fashion victim. I don’t even like this as a faux dress because you can clearly see there is a crotch and bubble legs peaking out of the hemline. Why couldn’t they just put out a vitasea dress this year like they have previous years? Some of us are just going to have to buy this on steep markdown ($19, no higher) and have the legs cut off this and hemmed into a proper dress.  If they’d made this in Bruised Berry I’d say it’s the perfect Violete Beauregarde costume. 

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