So the other night I’d said I wasn’t going to order this In Stride because I wanted to see it in store first. At the last second before shutting the computer down for the night I opted to order it just in case. I’d also mentioned that there have been a few mentions of the Define Jacket in this color feeling scratchy and rough, which I keep forgetting to check for myself but I’m happy to report that this beauty is soft (not heathered Luon or RULU soft though). It’s 87% Nylon with no polyester, just like solid CRB’s. I haven’t decided about the dot placement yet though. All the dots are pretty small except for the upper right of the logo which is ever so slightly larger but they are pretty uniform, balanced and subtle. Do I stick with this small more uniform dot or do I go with a larger dot that’s a bit more obvious and lop sided with the fade? Either way, this jacket is gorgeous and I love the color. It’s totally a replacement for my logo purple one (wish I could compare the two solid colors though). Can’t wait for the Cool Racerback in this color. So nice to be excited about the product again.For size reference, I’m a size 10 but prefer sizing down to an 8 in the In Strides which is what this one is.



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