Run: Tame Me Tanks are in stores today in Porcelaine, Menthol and I think Blush Quartz. Worn here with the Run: In The Sun Shorts. I like the length on these shorts. 

 The name of this short sleeve escapes me. Is it the Run A Marathon SS or Run Silver Bullet SS?

Run: In The Sun Dress, $98 and made of Swift

 What are these Porcelaine shorts on the left? They kind of look 70’s retro. 

 Run: In The Sun Skirt with Blush Quartz Swiftly SL

 Run: In The Sun Dress

 Run: From Work Backpack. I feel like I need to get this for the future when I want to run to work. I wish I’d optimized my time that way before I had kids. It’s such a useful running item that I feel like I should just get it for when I do need it…two years from now ;-/  Or maybe it would even be useful this summer for trips to the park with the kids.

 Run: Silver Bullet Tank with Run: In The Sun Skirt. Does this skirt look a touch longer to any of you? I’m intrigued that it’s a bit fuller and longer. 

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