So sorry for my lack of posting today but I’ve been on the road traveling with my family all day on our way to Portland. A road trip that was supposed to take 6 hours, with a four and a two year old has taken 10 hours!  I did get a chance to stop in at the University Village Lululemon today on our way here and saw that the Dune Dance Studio Crops and Porcelaine Dance Studio Crops have finally made it to the store (they were uploaded a few weeks ago and never got delivered to stores) and a few other restock items from previous upload (Manifesto LS’s in Menthol and Porcelain, In Strides). Thanks to the lovely ladies at the U-Village I was finally able to exchange my Dune DSC’s which were coming unravelled at the waist for a new pair so I’m really happy about that. I love my Dune Dance Studio Crops and didn’t want to part with them. I’m really looking forward to checking out the Pearl District Lululemon tomorrow since I’ve never been before. I’m sure I’ll have a pretty good store report for you tomorrow if I can actually try stuff on. I’m also really wanting to check out Powells Books.

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