by Cristina

No Words For This

May 31, 2012

*Update* Ok, I decided I have words after all and am back for a rant. I’m thinking these are made of cotton, probably vitasea or organic cotton based on how it drapes. And that really upsets me. The price of cotton has gone up which I thought was the explanation why we haven’t seen any summer weight hoodies like previous years and why the scuba hoodie production stopped over the summer. No wraps, no hoodies and items that would typically been made out of soft cotton have been replaced with tencil silk jersey. But then they go and release this gross design (sorry if I offend anyone that is in absolute love with this item – surely there must be someone if they keep producing these harems) and they are likely going to be priced at $98-$130, they use copious amounts of fabric and will hit loot shortly. Which means they wasted resources and floor space selling these items and wasteful designs like these inevitably mean prices go up on items that do sell. 

Please lululemon, go back to producing fewer designs in the more iconic lululemon designs you were known for. Don’t make 182,000 items in tencil silk jersey in weird lopsided hemlines with shoulders that don’t fit because they are two meters apart. and weird haremy pants – make Sing Floss Travel Jackets or Scuba Lights/Lux, or Define Jackets in *different* colors, not 4 Define Jackets in one color. It used to be that Lululemon released items every few weeks (I think it was a 6 week turnover of product) so there were far fewer designs on the floor. More technical items, more classics and those designs were top quality. Now there are tons of items out each week and those items are either designed to appeal to very few or they are items that are poorly made. Why are you changing a recipe that worked for you? Why are you constantly reinventing the wheel? The brand and what it’s know for is getting diluted to a mass produced Nike. I’ve looked in my closet at the items I’ve purchased in the last several months and guess what it’s comprised of…Cool Racerbacks, Swiftly Tech LS’s, Dance Studio Jacket and Dance Studio Crops and the new Ebb and Flow Crops (which were such a hit yet they only made one run in that fabric). I really hope lululemon turns this ship back on course soon. 

“A Muse Me Pant”  (no longer amused)

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