Are Aritzia and TNA now producing lululemon knock offs? TNA, a house brand of Aritzia,  has come out with a new athletic line called TNAction and it’s surprisingly similar to a lot of iconic lululemon items. The collection is designed for running, yoga, gym, biking, hiking and lounging and it’s now available in stores. I’m very curious to know what the price point is for these items as Aritzia and TNA are both higher end trendy urban brands, yet I think their athletic prices may beat out lululemon. I’m also very curious about fabrics and quality and if these items can really compare to lululemon. So far I’m impressed at how comprehensive the line is from running long sleeves, bottoms to a full line of swim wear. I’ll be heading to TNA this weekend to check it out so stay tuned for a follow up post and perhaps some fit reviews.

View Catalogue Here

This long sleeve top pictured below is priced at $50 and is comparable to the Run: Swiftly Tech LS priced at $68. 

Remind you of Run: Swiftly Tech LS’s? 
Cool Racerback Tank anyone? 

Flow Y

Look! Simple yet functional bikinis! Lined and padded and made for grownups. 

I really like these as well as the bikini on the right above


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