by Cristina

Product Drop Monday!

April 9, 2012

Two things I was really hoping to see today were not in, the Wee Are From Space April CRB and my hoped for Concord Grape Ebb and Flow Crops (only rumored to be coming). I was excited to find Porcelain Blue Swiftly Tech SS and so I grabbed that but I will probably return it in favor of a v-neck version. I loved the Special Edition Swiftly Tech LS but it’s already to hot to wear. Do I really want to get something that I wont wear until next year? 

This is the Power Class Tee. From afar I got really excited at seeing this style of tee in Concord Grape but when I got close I saw that it’s sheer luon jersey and I didn’t like it very much. The overall design is quite nice with side cinches to customize the look but I want something like this in cotton. This is size 10, my TTS and I think I could have sized down. The sleeves were quite long and wide and the shoulders were slipping off. The back is super open so you’d have to wear a pretty strapped sports bra with this and not something like what I had on. 

New Bra! Centred Energy Bra. I wonder if this bra gets two spellings, one canadian ‘centred’ and one american ‘centered’. 

 Embrace Crops in White Slub Denim

 Drishti Pants

 Porcelain Blue Swiftly Tech SS. I LOVED this color. If you missed out on Rocksteady you will love this. I think it’s actually prettier than Rocksteady, slightly lighter. 

 SE Swiftly Tech LS in Concord Grape – $68

 Run: In The Sun Crops – Concord Grape 

It’s too bad the lighting is so bad in the fitting rooms and you get a lot of the orange tones from the walls but these are Concord Grape luxtreme running crops. There were also Excel Crops in this color. They were nice enough but I didn’t like the pocket on the hip. The pocket is entirely circle mesh so not durable enough to put anything in them really. 

 See? Small pocket and entirely circle mesh. 

 Excel Crops. Really liked these but wish they had the holster pocket. 

My store didn’t have these in today (or unpacked yet) but there are Dune and White Dance Studio Crops and Concord Grape Studio Crops

Play In The Sun Shorts

Adjustable hem to make them longer or shorter. Didn’t try these on today but I’m intrigued by the longer length option

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