Word on the street is that there is a new swiftly headband in stores in the green/teal color found in the blurred blossom print. The name of the new color is Menthol which is currently being used in the Ivivva line. I’m really liking the color, the name not so much. I’d definitely like to see a true green like Savage Green out soon but this is definitely very nice and I’m excited about it. 

Get Moving Tank Ivivva

 You can see the green parts of the Blurred Blossom Print in this picture quite clearly. Looks like Menthol to me. What a bad name for a color, eh? 

But looky at this Ivivva color…’Very Green’. I’m reaaaaaally liking this green and it almost looks like the green portions of the print are both Very Green and Menthol Green.

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