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I forgot to mention my own purchases in last nights upload with my sudafed stupor. It was seriously tough staying awake for upload and I had to double check my order this morning to make sure I didn’t do something stupid like order in the wrong size. Anyways, I ordered the March Multi Wee Are From Space CRB and the Heathered Dazzling CRB.  I was tempted to order the extra long Fossil Wee Are From Space CRB or a Long Sleeve Swiftly in either Lavender or White but I opted to just get my CRB’s that I’ve been waiting for. I’m also inexplicably tempted by the Define Jacket in Black/Multi March Wee Are From Space Print. I’ve never owned a Define and have never really been tempted by them but for some reason I’m gravitating to this one. I’ll need to see it in store first though and wait it out till the end of the month. 

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