I really like the White Swiftly Tech LS paired with the Concord Grape Run: Tracker Shorts

 Closeup of the Jacquard Print on the Fossil Tracker Shorts.

 Run: Chase Me Tanks

 This Lavender Dusk In Stride jacket reminds me of last years Haze/Coal Stride Jacket. 

 Every Yogi Long Sleeve in Ultraviolet/Dazzling. This one sold out online within a few hours. 

 I do really like the Dazzling side a lot. 

 Every Yogi Tee. This one is weird. Why couldn’t they just have made it solid Dazzling? 

 Every Yogi Tank in Heathered Dazzling

This pullover keeps getting a different color label. Some stores are calling it heathered royalty (thats what it is on the website too) and some stores are calling it Heathered Rocksteady. All I know is that the color code is not the same as Heathered Rocksteady items from the summer which was TRKS I think. 

Heathered Ultraviolet In Stride Jacket


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