I’ve been very bad about posting my OOTD’s for my runs but I did manage to take pictures this week. It’s been a pretty light on the mileage week but right now I haven’t officially started training for the SeaWheeze so I’m going out more to maintain the base miles and also to get back into the habit of running consistently 3+ times a week. A couple of these runs were with the Double Chariot Stroller which I’m needing to get used to using because it’s the only way I’m going to get most of my training runs in. Man I hate running with that thing. My first run of the week with the Chariot was brutal and very ego busting but todays run was pleasant and very doable so I’m encouraged. It’s nice to be able to just head out for a run and not worry about arranging for childcare, and it’s also nice to be able to take my purse and a jacket and stash it in the stroller and make a stop at starbucks as my reward for completing my run. Today I had to take my kids to Strong Start  which is a program much like preschool only it’s parent participation (and free!) so we decided to run there and back instead of driving. It’s about a two mile downhill run there, and then an uphill and grueling run home. I expected to have to walk home some of the way but I managed to keep a running gait the entire time…some of that was at 14minute/mile pace though but I was pushing a 100lb stroller uphill so I did earn my startbucks.  

Rocksteady Full Tilt Pullover with Rocksteady CRB and I chose my Ebb and Flow Crops. 

18* run with my Run: Chase Me Crops in Deep Indigo Wee Are From Space and my Dazzling Swiftly Tech Racerback

I don’t remember this run but I wore my Raspberry V-Neck Swiftly with my Run: Chase Me Crops in Deep Indigo Wee Are From Space Print.

Aquamarine Swiftly LS over Rocksteady CRB and my Mind Over Matter Crops

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