We’ll I’ve had my Crossfit outfit sitting on my dresser for almost a week now just waiting for me to feel better from this cold and I thought finally today I’d start to feel well enough to go but alas, today was the worst day of my cold. Body aches, cold arms and thighs and that buzzing, tingling electric shock feeling behind my eyes when I try to get up that only happens during the worst sinus colds. Definitely not the type of cold I’d work out thru. Needless to say its been a laying on the couch covered in tissue and feeling sorry for myself kind of day. At least I decided to get dressed in the afternoon and that made me feel slightly more alive. This is me before leaving the house this evening for a quick errand. Run Rest Day Pullover in Heathered Fossil layered over my Heathered Paris Pink CRB, my Black Ebb and Flow Crops with my super long socks layered over top to bridge the gap between crop hem and top of boot since the crops end up right below my knees and show skin. My Crossfit outfit for what it’s worth would have been my Deep Indigo Ebb and Flow Crops, Heathered Black Swan CRB over my Plum Cross My Heart Bra. Sounds crazy but it actually looks really nice all together. You’ll see. I’m hoping to make it to Sunday Crossfit and maybe a short run tomorrow afternoon.  

haha, sorry, I didn’t even brush my hair today. 
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