I stopped in today on  my way to get some sinus meds (I am feeling worse from this cold!) and saw some of the products that were dropped today. There is a new Ultraviolet Swiftly LS 1/2 Zip which is really pretty (photo below), a new black running jacket priced at $178 (sorry, don’t ask me details, I’m in a fog), Swiftly LS’s in Lavender Dusk and new Run: Chase Me Crops in a March Multi Wee Are From Space/Lavender Dusk Waist on Black (picture below), Black Wee Are From Space Print, the new Run: For All Skirts. A Dazzling Ride On Jacket which was actually a lot prettier then the others. New Practice Freely Tanks (Black/Multi Wee Are From Space and Dazzling/Ultraviolet). New Swiftly Headbands were in and I grabbed a black one (ultraviolet, lavender dusk and ultramarine were the other options). Loving it! That was all in store today. Quite disappointed that the Heathered Dazzling and March Multi We Are From Space CRB’s were not in today since that is what I’m waiting for. 


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