The Upload

I was a bit disappointed in the upload last night with all of the commuting items. I think I was just hoping for more items in Dazzling or surprise items. The only surprise item really was the ribbed CRB. I love the color of the ribbed CRB but I think I’d prefer the Lavender Dusk to be just a regular CRB, either heathered or solid. The Dazzling Scuba is gorgeous but I don’t need another one, it’s just not my go to hoodie. I ended up ordering the Run: Rest Day Pullover but I’m pretty sure it’s going to go back. On one hand I really love it but on the other, it’s just a little bit plain. Also, the neckline may be a bother for me. Eh, i’ll try it out. Wouldn’t it have been awesome in Dazzle though? The Swiftly Tech in Dazzle is on my wish list but I’m in need of a long sleeve over a tee so I’m going to wait it out.  What did you guys order today? 

 I’m loving this Wee Are From Space Multi Print. It’s gorgeous in real life photos.

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