Lululemon just posted a picture of this outfit on their facebook page for a thread about the SeaWheeze Half Marathon being 6 months away. The entire outfit is made up of the colors of the SeaWheeze website and logo and so I’m pretty sure at least the shorts will be what we are getting (rumored to be going out at the end of this month). I’m hoping we get the tank as well to make up the entire outfit. Although I don’t run in shorts I’m pretty excited about these ones, they are really sweet looking. I definitely would like to be able to run in them but if they don’t work out for that I will definitely wear them casually. This sure beats most of the race tee shirts I’ve seen from other races, thats for sure!

**These are items that will be available for purchase at the half marathon but not necessarily the shorts that are part of the race package**


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