There was a decent product drop in stores today with more of the latest items we saw uploaded on Tuesday morning. I was feeling really tempted to get a technical run top in Aquamarine today since I was in store doing some returns (Transition Wrap which my husband totally hated and a few other things). I so badly wanted to try on the Aquamarine Run: Back On Track Tank but I just wasn’t able to with both of my kids, my almost two year old has staged a coup with the stroller and so now I’m stuck pushing a double and chasing two toddlers. NIGHTMARE! Anyways,  It’s a tie between the Run: Back On Track Tank, the Aquamarine Swiftly Tech LS and the Aquamarine CRB as far as technical tops I’m currently eyeing. I grabbed the last Yin Me Pullover in Aquamarine in a size 10 but it’s really big and I would much prefer the 8. That top my husband did love. He really liked the style and especially the color and so he persuaded me to get that in exchange for the Transition Wrap. Oh why did I not get the proper size when I had the chance last week. Kicking myself now because I know as soon as I commit to keeping it in the 10, an 8 will pop up. 

Run: Back On Track Tank

Get Fit Tank & Run: Turbo Shorts

Run: Switchback Pullover

This on is actually reversible but the aquamarine is super subtle. On side is wee striped and the other is solid. 

 Run: Switchback Pullover with Run: Switchback Shorts

Love this combo! 

 with the Run: Chase Me Crops

And I love this combo too!

 With the Run: Turbo Shorts

 Run: Tracker Short II

Pack and Go Pullover


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