I would normally be all over the Dance Studio Crops but instead I’m considering getting a second pair of the Ebb and Flow Crops. They are THAT awesome. I know it’s comparing apples to oranges but what I like about the Studio Crops is how light and airy it is for warmer weather as apposed to luon, well the Ebb and Flow Crops are much, much cooler than luon so I’m thinking those will be my spring/summer wear with anything crops. Especially since I can wear them to Crossfit, running or casually. 

 The Apres Practice Anorak was in store today in a full run, not just a lonely online return. This picture shows why I shy away from this jacket. This girl is tiny and the jacket, especially in this color ads volume to her that is non existent. I think it looks really cute on some but on a pear shape like mine, that bottom portion is really tricky for me to pull off. 

 Word on the street is that this new Aquamarine Pacesetter Skirt is a 4-way stretch. 

 I kinda hate when the shorts underneath don’t match the outer layer. I guess black is safer though for sheerness. 

 I was feeling the hype of the Flow and Go Tank this weekend since so many people are going nutso over these but I really don’t have much practical use for it for crossfit or running so I’m going to pass on it. 

 Are these new Pique WU’s or are they the black wee stripe that reverses to denim? 

 And just a shout out. Dude, this color looks fantastic on you. I wish the women’s line had a few items in this color. 

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