Photos Of The Latest: Run: Chase Me Pants, Chase Me Crops, Chase Me Skirt, Run: Spirit Tights and Tons More

I stopped in my store quickly today before getting my kids to Play Group and was able to grab the Run Chase Me Crops. The rise is perfect on me but I think the fit is a bit smaller than some of my other run crops so I need to try it on again a bit later and give you a proper fit report. I’m not sure that the print is very flattering on a very curvy figure as the Space Dye Print really enhances the butt. The other problem is I’ve so far only seen these wild crops paired with Aquamarine but of my items at home it sort of matches my heathered paris pink CRB (the heathering is a bit busy though), My Currant CRB and maybe my Rocksteady CRB and that is all. I know the upcoming Lavender Haze will look perfect with it since the space dye print has tiny lavender Haze stripes in it and also probably that deep orange thats supposedly coming in March. I think I’m going to play it safe by exchanging these for the Black/Aquamarine version though… I don’t know. Oh, also the website description is completely wrong – none of the Chase Me Crops are at all reversible and it does not claim that on the hang tag. Oopsies! Oh, I also checked out the new glass water bottles Pure Balance Waterbottle and they are so frickin pretty and the glass is substantial. I can see myself getting a second one eventually but for now I resisted since I ordered one online. I wonder if these could be used for tea even though it says its just for ‘cold’ drinks and isn’t double walled. The silicone you would think would keep your hands from scalding, right? 

 Run Chase Me Crops, Indigo We Are From Space Print

Ink Blot Turbo Shorts

 Pack and Go Pullover

I’ve warmed up a bit to this pullover but I still think it is quite overpriced and is in need of more reflective detailing. 

 Every Yoga Tank with Adjust Me Bra and Tea Lounge Pants

My store had all three Every Yoga Tanks in today and they are pretty in person with a bit more seam detailing than the Modern Racers. The Paris Pink was pretty in person but the color looked a bit odd to me. Sort of like it’s heathered but also warmer and more salmony? I may consider this tank at another time if it comes in that Orange we’ll be seeing. The Tea Lounge pants were cute with a narrow fit leg and the same material as the pullover but I didn’t love the cuffed hem. Not a great look for tappered legs like mine. I didn’t like the straps on the Adjust Me Bra, it was almost velvety and it has little notches cut into the fabric were you can adjust the length. I wish they had used the same color straps on each of the bras instead of using the same white. 

Tea Lounge Pants

 Run: Spirit Tights II

My store did not have these tights in. They are pretty darn cute though!

 Run: Chase Me Pants

Discover Stripe Scuba Hoodie. 

Super cute! I love the way the stripes are organized on the back and side panels and how the inside hood is aquamarine. 

Outfit Photos:

Run: Catch Me Crops and Skirt paired with Aquamarine

 Love how her runners look with these crops. See? Solid Paris Pink CRB would have been awesome for these. 

 Aquamarine Scoop Neck Tank

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