Fit Report: Every Yoga Tee

I decided to use one of my little gift cards today with a wee balance on the Every Yoga Tee and I am really glad I did, I like it a lot. I went with the size 10 which is my TTS but the size 8 which I sometimes size down to fit very well also with good length and roomieness. I honestly would have been comfortable in either but ultimately I liked the extra length of the 10 which I could scrunch up more around my muffin top or wear over my butt with leggings, but it took me a good long time to decide between the two. The Vitasea material is silky, silky soft and it can be worn inside out as well if you don’t mind seeing the stitching at the shoulders which I’ve posted a picture of. One really nice detail about this shirt is that the inside seam on the sides is actually piped (a folded over hem, I think thats called piping). It’s not technically designed to be worn inside out but I love that little love note detail at the upper back so I will wear it both ways.  My favorite things though are the slightly scooped neck and the longer sleeve length which is really flattering if you don’t have buff arms (although with crossfit I’m seeing some great arm and shoulder definition which I never thought I’d see). For comparison, I have the Lively Tee in Raspberry and I really don’t love the fit of that one on me as much. I think the Lively Tee is roomier in the middle and less clingy and also shorter in length so it’s a tad boxier, also the sleeves are shorter and the neckline is more of a crew neck. Picture below for comparison. 

size 10, proper side out

Inside out

The inner seam details on the sides

The inside shoulder seams which are the only seams that are obviously reverse side

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