Apres Practice Anorak Details

There was one lonely Apres Practice Anorak in store today which was an ecomm return so I got a chance to check it out but not try it on. It’s swiftly material just like the Dance Studio Jacket and has the same faint line pattern of all the swiftly items. The inside torso is lined with luon but the arms are unlined and the jacket is not water resistant at all. I’m a huge fan of the Apres Run Anorak (especially for the price) so in comparison I just didn’t love this jacket, especially since it isn’t water resistant which in my opinion is implied when you have a trench style design or you name it an ‘anorak’. However, I do think the fit of this jacket is really pretty on Julie who provided these photos. She loves this jacket over the Arpes Run Anorak and it just depends on what type of water repelling/resistance your climate requires. Vancouver? This jacket wouldn’t stand a chance for about 80-90% of the year. Perfect for dry Spring days or cooler summer days. It’s got a lot of really feminine details on it which are quite cute and make it a bit less casual then the Apres Run Anorak. The Apres Run Anorak also has a touch of masculine military detailing on it with both the cut and seam details so it really comes down to your style preference and weather needs.  Julie sized down from her Scuba Hoodie/Cool Racerback  size and chose the size 4 and as you can tell it fits quite perfectly. 

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