Not a huge upload today but a little surprise with the Graceful Flow Tank which we haven’t seen in any store product alerts. Nothing today that I’m dying to order. I broke down last week and got the Pig Pink/Heathered Silver Spoon Cabin LS Tee and it’s due to arrive tomorrow. I’m actually quite excited about that one since I’ve been wearing my Cabin’s everyday. Are you guys ordering anything from this upload? Although I do like Flash, neither Flash nor Wild Lime are ‘me’ colors so I’m not feeling the pull to get anything. 

Graceful Flow Tank


 Cool Racerback Tank Wild Lime and Heathered Flash

Cabin Long Sleeve Tee II

In Stride Jacket

  1. I am dying for a long sleeve cabin but I am not sure what size to order. I want a fit that isn't clinging to me- when I sit no visble rolls (lol). Should I stick with my reg size or size up?

  2. @ Christie: I would stick with your regular size for this one. It's really not clingy and the double layer gives you some coverage. Plus, it is already a super long shirt! I have them in tts and one size down and both work fine for me 🙂

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