Friday, June 14, 2024

Sneak Peek From Down Unda: Silver Bullet Tanks are Coming Back!

by Cristina

Australian stores got these new Run: Silver Bullet Tanks in Pigment Blue, Pig Pink and Black. I’m a bit surprised since this color pallet is current for Winter but the last run of silver bullets were out in August. I don’t expect we would see warm weather running tanks until early spring which should be past this color pallet but maybe these colors will see a return at a later date, or we will see these very soon.  Ah well! I love the silver bullet tank and have one in Magnum with a reflective feather print at the neckline. I’d definitely be interested in the Pigment Blue or Pig Pink. 

Silver Bullet Tank

I have this one, Magnum with the reflective feather print reviewed here

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