These are the most highly priced lululemon item on the resale market. The Quiet Stripe Wunder Under Pants have sold for up to 800% markup, and in a lower market sell for 600% markup. The funny thing about these wunder under crops is that they didn’t sell well in store when they were released, and ended up going to mark down. You can often find these pants on ebay and other resale sites on facebook with extraordinarily high pricing, and very, very active bidding. Lululemon has tried to replicate it’s success with other nautical striped wunder under pants such as the parallel stripe  and although they’ve been popular, they have not been nearly as successful on the resale market as these Quiet Stripe Wunder Under Crops. I doubt Lululemon will ever be able to recreate these as this wonderfully soft and opaque white luon is just not the quality of fabrics they are producing.

Quiet Stripe Wunder Under Pants

This print is especially beautiful paired with menthol, the color shown here. Because of the navy in the stripe it pairs very well with minty green-blue tones. surprisingly for the white luon, these pants were considered opaque. Lululemon did not have sheer issues until at least a year later. This print came in other items such as speed shorts, Stride Jacket, Pack And Go Pullover, Run In The Rain Jacket, Run Chase Me Tank.  There where so many beautiful pieces that came out during this Spring release that the quiet stripe WU’s went under most shoppers radar as they had to pick and choose their purchases between so many beautiful pieces.

Quiet Stripe Wunder Under Crops

Quiet Stripe Wunder Under Crops

Quiet Stripe Wunder Under Crops

Lululemon really knew how to showcase their products back then with incredible imagery and store product photos using employees as models. All of these pieces, including the accessory colors and prints to quiet stripe sell for well above retail on the resale market, thanks to the gorgeous photos that have been disseminated from this blog onto social media platforms, resale sites and onto other websites. Lululemon Quiet Stripe Pack And Go Pullover, Deep Indigo and Quiet Stripe Inspire Crops

Lululemon Pack And Go Pullover in Quiet Stripe

Lululemon Run Chase Me Tank, Quiet Stripe


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