More Of The Latest: Transformation Wrap, Tea Lounge Pullover, Deep Indigo Swiftly and Cross My Heart Bra, Wunder Unders

Transformation Wrap

This is a picture of the reverse side of the Transformation Wrap. It’s a lot like the Chai Pullover II which has one side with raw edge seams and contrasted detailing. I’d like to have a closer look at that elbow contrast detail because I’m not sure I love that particular design feature. I’m very interested in this wrap but I’m expecting it to be priced higher than the Chai Pullover II in which case I will not be getting it. 

Non contrasted side. 

 Tea Lounge Pullover

This is kind of cute in the Deep Indigo but the wide sides will not work with my hippy + short frame. 

 Deep Indigo Swiftly and Deep Indigo Cross My Heart Bra? 

Is this a deep indigo swiftly and a Deep Indigo CMH Bra? If so I love them both. I’m hoping for a new Energy Bra in this color and a LS Swiftly Tech in the Deep Indigo. I’m about 99% sure this must be a Deep Indigo swiftly. May be DI Wunder Unders as well. 

 Wunder Unders in Ink Blot and Quite Stripe Prints

The quiet stripe WU’s are pretty cute but soooo not for me. 

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