The Latest: Speed Shorts Lay Low Camo Print, Retro Camo Print, Apres Run Anorak.

The Lay Low Camo Print Speed Shorts with Aqua Marine trim and Paris Pink trim. Loving these! 

My theory on the difference between Lay Low Camo and Retro Camo is that the Retro Camo has Lulu logos through out the print while ‘lay low’ has none. Clever, huh? 

 Comparison of Retro Wren Camo Print to Retro Black Camo Print. I’m loving the black!

 Really like the Camo Print layered with Paris Pink and Wild Lime. 

 Apres Run Anorak. Soooooo very sad that I can’t get this. It just came out at the most inconvenient time for me and I’m not willing to part with my more prized lulu possessions at the moment. 

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