Great Photos of The Latest With Product Alert Images: It’s Happening Johdpurs, Transformation Wrap, Yin Me Pullover and More

Wunder Under Pants in Deep Indigo Denim Slub (Deep Indigo/White)
This is an interesting verion of Slub Denim. 

 It’s Happening Johdpurs 
There will be a few fashion forward people that will rock these. But for the rest of us, these are just hideous. 

Yin To You Crop Fossil Denim Slub

Wunder Under Quiet Stripe

I’ve heard these are surprisingly not so see thru. They also look really flattering on a variety of shapes. I however will not be tempted by these as they are definitely attention grabbing. 

Transformation Wrap

I’m thinking of ordering the 10 on tonights upload. I’m just torn on the sizing still and need to try them both on again with no screaming toddler rushing me into a decision. I’ll definitely keep one or the other though. 

Yin Me Pullover

I’m really sad that the fit of this pullover didn’t look great on me. I love the color and wish it had been more like the Chai Time II pullover. 

another look at both sides of this ‘reversible’ sweater. 

Tea Lounge Pullover

I’d maybe like to try this one on. Initially I wasn’t at all interested in it but it does look sort of cute and cozy. 

Practice Freely Tank

Haven’t tried this one on yet but I’d really like to. The sheer luon is just gorgeous in the Deep Indigo. 



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