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What did you guys order today?

I ordered nothing today but was tempted by a few items. The Paris Pink Swiftly LS is definitely on my wish list but I need to try it on first to see if I like the color on me in this material. Interesting that they’ve decided to include care instructions for Paris Pink. A reader with fabric knowledge left me a comment in an earlier post (here) about Paris Pink and she said that it’s unlikely that lulu is using quality dyes if they are having issues with bleeding. The solution would be for them to have used something called wash-fast dyes according to her. She also suggests that there is commercial grade dye fixative that can be used at home so it may be a worthy investment if you’ve purchased a lot of paris pink. strangely I don’t remember reports of Senorita Pink having bleeding issues. 

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Paris Pink

Wash Instructions for Paris Pink

Damn it they uploaded the Studio Crops I want for Spring. It’s December!!! I’m not ready to buy spring clothes yet. 

Studio Crop

Some new surprise items today. The Blurred Grey/Paris Pink scuba is interesting but it’s a bit murky looking in the picture. 

Scuba Hoodie 

Heathered Blurred Grey Paris Pink Micro Stripe 

A wild print on this Cabin LS. At least it reverses to black so you can always wear the black side out with the cuffs folded over for contrast if your too shy to wear such a loud print but really love it. 

Cabin Long Sleeve Tee II Glacier Lace

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