Sneak Peek From Down Unda: Flash and Pigment Blue in Luon and Swiftly Tech

This is a very saturated picture of Flash in the Flow Y. I don’t think this will be an accurate representation of the color but I haven’t seen it in person so not sure. 

 Scoop Neck Tank in Flash. I suspect this one is true to the color. 

 Flash in the Swiftly Tech Material. I kind of like it muted down here. 

 I especially like it with the darker stitching in this picture. 

 Pigment Blue in the Swiftly Tech material is gorgeous. If the Rocksteady Swiftly Tech LS doesn’t make it to boxing day markdowns I’ll probably get this in a LS eventually. 

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  1. I'm loving flash so far, bit in general I wish the people taking Lulu pics would stop going overboard being hipsters with the instagram thing. STOP.

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