Run: Stay On Course Jacket

This is the first picture I’ve seen of the venting on this jacket. I assumed the back detailing was a pleat but it’s actually an opening in the back. I don’t find this particular detail a great feature in a running jacket unless you can easily access a zipper to close that venting when you feel too cold. side zip up vents are great at regulating temperature because you can zip up or down as needed without having to take the jacket off. 

Run: Stay On Course Crop 

Black Glacier Lace Embossed

I love the little zipper feature on these pants. I like that you can have a looser around the calf look or you can have the pants tight around your calves. Also, the glacier lace print is pretty cool as long as they don’t look like stretch marks. 

 No Limit Tank

Black/Black Micro Macro Stripe

 Sherpa Fleece Brisk Earwarmers

this was momentarily online yesterday but sold out immediately. Poo Poo! I can’t find my strata stripe brisk ear warmers from last year so if I see this in store I may pick it up. 


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