Dressage Pants Black Slub Print

I’m not a huge fan of the equestrian style Lululemon tights, especially with the saddle butt detail seam. I just find them really busy, Especially this version with the print, seams, calf detailing and butt contrast seam details.  Some ladies will rock this look for sure though. 

 Paris Pink Wee Stripe Power Y

or is it Heathered Paris Pink Micro Stripe?  

I’m dying for a Cool Racerback Tank in this Paris Pink Micro Stripe but since discovering the wonders of the Power Y with my new Elevation Space Dye one I may just get this instead of the CRB. I’m sure it’s super soft just like my Power Purple Micro Stripe CRB. 

 Run: For It Pullover White

 Run Speed Shorts Paris Pink

These are so cute! I think I read that they were 4-way stretch but I quickly felt them yesterday in store and I thought they were 2-way. Sorry I’m not much help on this one. 

 Run: Back On Track SS Tech

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  1. What does the stretch in the speed shorts mean? I own many pairs and I can't really tell and difference.(but maybe I will once it's explained to me).

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