I finally get to share a fit review with you guys for the Will Pants now that I’ve been able to wear mine out for the day. I had gotten some Astro Pants from my mom for Christmas and I decided that I’d rather have the Will Pants to wear with boots and sweaters so I exchanged them yesterday and opted for the black for now instead of denim slub or the pique.  

I’ve been wearing my SE Knotted Wunder Unders tons with boots but the knot at the calf makes my boots look a bit lumpy. Also, I’m forever tugging up at my wunder unders and I’m limited as to what sweaters to wear with them thanks to mummy muffin top. These pants are the answer to all of my issues with the Wunder Unders and combine the waist that I love from the Still Pants with the stylishness of the Wunder Unders. I agree with other reviews that the waist is quite high but it’s not too bad on me because I have a really long torso. Some of you that are short torsoed have mentioned the waist hits you right beneath your boobs but on me it sits just above my belly button. You can also fold the waist down for a lower rise but since I always wear long tops with leggings/wunder under style pants the rise doesn’t bother me at all, it just holds everything in nicely and leaves a nice smooth line. The pocket placement combined with the high waist does look a little funny on if you’re pear shaped like I am, but I always wear long tops so you’d never ever see the full waist on me, just the bottom half of the pockets which I think looks really cute peaking out at the bottom of a shirt. I don’t really know when you would wear pants like these with shorter tops anyways but if I had to I would opt for grooves or something else. I think these pants will also be really perfect for pregnant ladies wanting to wear leggings as workout wear or as part of an outfit. I know when I was pregnant I was able to wear Still Pants but Wunder Unders would have been totally out of the question due to the waist. 

Now for the fit. I call these TTS with a more compressive feel than regular Wunder Unders. My Knotted Wunder Unders are also a 10 but the luon is much looser against my legs than these are. These feel really tight coming on but once you’ve worn them around a bit they are just as comfortable. I think the added compression is meant to help keep the pants up with such a loose waist. Also, these pants have a seam running up the outside of the legs which I think makes these a touch dressier than WU’s which are seamless on the outside leg. The logo placement is on the lower left leg and I wish there was a less obvious placement for that but my boots pretty much cover it anways. I probably wouldn’t wear these pants to crossfit at all but I think they’d be great for low impact activity or casual wear. I really like that I can wear my CRB’s with these pants and get a nice smooth line at my waist instead of the muffin top I sometimes get with my WU’s which I reserve for wearing with looser fitting tops. All in all these are really great pants and I’d probably get a second pair at some point in the Slub Denim. 

  1. I had them but returned them cause my hubby doesn't like the wu…he says they look like longjohns. I did love these however but I know I'd have a problem wearing them in summer as I live in crocs and these would look funny with those. Great pant and I liked that they were unique. I opted for the recognition pant and since I kicked myself for passing on last years tadasanas I grabbed those instead.

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