Upload Thursday Eve Refresher; Rehearsal Dance Capsule, Off The Mat Jacket, Gratitude Wrap, Run For It Pullover and Run Turn Around Items

Well this was a pretty massive product drop week. Tons of dance inspired items, Gratitude Wrap, Off The Mat Jacket, Pullovers and lots of pants and a few tanks. I got the Off The Mat jacket earlier this week and that was pretty budget busting so I wont be getting the Gratitude Wrap, Run For It Pullover and Run Turnaround LS’s that I would have otherwise purchased. It’s the only way I can justify making one purchase that is steeply priced is if the residual effect is my spending less this month than I would have otherwise. Unless of course there is a new Cabin Long Sleeve. After seeing this afternoons website picture of the Persian Purple Ombre Striped Scuba I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a version of this print in the Cabin LS, just like the Black/Ghost Ombre Cabin. I am in serious love with this Cabin and want another one or few in the same print/different colors. Considering I’ve worn this shirt 4 days out of the last 7 I think it would be a good idea to get some more colors. I’d also like to get some Savasana socks which I saw in my stores product alert for this week, although as of this morning they didn’t have it out yet. bummmmer! I’ll probably hold off on getting those until next month though because I seem to remember last years version didn’t sell out super quickly. 

Another interesting thing about tomorrows upload is that the website got totally redesigned overnight. It’s completely different now, if you haven’t had a chance to check in yet, and even has a new wish list function which I’m totally stoked about. I hope the wish list function allows you to wait for pop backs of items that have sold out which you were holding in your wish list, just like the Anthropologie website has. I’m not sure that the wish list will work for sending to family member for gift ideas since inventory sells out so quickly. I never ask for Lulu for Christmas because it would just be too frustrating for the gifter to have to hunt down sold out items for me. It’ll be interesting to see how check out goes tomorrow with the new website but I will only get a chance to test it out if there are new Cabins uploaded.

What are you guys getting in tomorrows upload? Anyone ordering the Off The Mat Jacket? If you were hoping to get the Black Swan Gratitude Wrap I think some stores got restocked this week so there is a chance they will be uploaded tomorrow as well. 

Chasse Tight

Rehearsal Crop

Dance Roll Pant

Hang Loose Pant

Off The Mat Jacket

Gratitude Wrap

Adagio Wrap

Yoga Cozy Pullover

Rehearsal Tank

Rehearsal Long Sleeve Tee

Rehearsal Tutu

Run: For It Pullover

Run: Turn Around SS

Run: Turn Around Long Sleeve

Run Pace Setter Skirt

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