Scuba Hoodie in a Dusty Rose Ombre Stripe. Kinda love this print!

 Run Your Heart Out Tights

 Gym Essentials Kit in Currant. 

 Run: Your Heart Out Pullover

Run: Turnaround Tights
 Love the confetti snow reflection on these tights. 

 Cuddle Up Jacket trimmed in sherpa fleece at the colar and the front logo. 

Cuddle Up Pants are back!

 Herringbone Scuba Vest. Prepare for a heafty price tag on this, probably $148 or more. 

 Mitts were priced at $48 but I didn’t check the price on all the Hickey Hider items. There were tons and tons in stock. 

 New bag! What is it?? It almost looks like it’s a yoga mat carrier but maybe it’s a duffle style bag. 


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