And yet I didn’t get anything today. I was tempted by the Dusty Rose Yoga Cozy Pullover but I talked myself out of it. I just imagined it getting fuzzy and pilled like some of my other lulu knits and decided that $128 was a bit much. My Mudra Wrap still looks quite sharp and like new but my Chai Time Pullover is in a very sad state despite babying. I may end up getting this at a future date but right now I shall pass. 

What did you guys order today? Did checkout go smoothly with the new website? 

Yoga Cozy Pullover

See, in this picture it looks quite delicate and sheer compared to the Chai Time Pullover which probably means wearing something underneath. 

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Savasana Socks to come out this fall. I got some last year when they were $28 but I waited a long time before biting the bullet at the $28 price tag and when I finally got them I was in love. At $48 for basically the same sock I just cannot justify it. That kind of price increase is a bit ridiculous in such a short period of time. 

Savasana Socks

Gratitude Wrap
This got restocked today in Black Swan which is really nice for those of you that missed out when they were first uploaded. I hope you had success today in ordering the one you wanted. 

Off The Mat Jacket
This jacket has been a hot topic this week. You either love it or hate it or love it and hate the price tag. It’s quite an awesome jacket and I love it…but not sure it’s $178 awesome -maybe $148 since the fleece isn’t the same as a Patagonia/North Face/Columbia jackets. It’ll get a lot of use from me though so I will come to terms with the price.   

Run For It Pullover

I am sadly not getting this pullover despite really loving it. It’s so beautiful but it’s quit warm for the temperatures here and when I run I like to stay slightly cool and not warm or hot the entire run. Last year I’d gotten the Alpine Pullover but later returned it for the same reason. 

I love that they added this video feature! It’s an awesome 360* view of the fit of the jacket and highlights all the features. I hope they do this with a lot of products from now on. 

The dance capsule, making women everywhere relive the prima ballerina dream.  Last winter I took my eldest daughter to the Nutcracker and she loved it so I see ballet in my very near future. 

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