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Off The Mat Jacket Fit Report and Whats in Store Today (New Gratitude Wrap!)

November 7, 2011

I picked up the Off The Mat Jacket this morning and totally love it but I do have some negatives to share with you about this jacket and since it is so pricey it’s best to go in to this purchase fully informed and really decide if the design of this jacket suits how you like to layer. First of all, it’s a fussy on off jacket which means you should plan on keeping it on for your entire outing unless you get good at adjusting the neckline properly without a mirror because there are a lot of snap buttons and two zippers.  This jacket, like a lot of lulu wraps (and some jackets) does not loot good left open so wearing it out is a commitment since it is so warm. I actually find it warmer than the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover.

Negative #2 (and these are really nit picky things, for the sake of pointing out all flaws) is that the side pockets are not the same depth. The left pocket ends right where there is a seam detail on the front of the jacket while the right pocket is much deeper. You can’t see this difference but if you like to put both your hands in your pocket  (in order to look nonchalant) then you will be a bit weirded out by the difference. Unless you’re not OCD and asymmetry doesn’t bother you. 

The neckline, as Sharon pointed out is quite bulky and not low profile. I like it better than the DHBH pullover neckline since you can adjust it to sit quite low on your chest and don’t have to keep it up by your face. I also really like how this jacket looks at the shoulders with Cool Racerback Tank straps showing. This jacket is fitted but there is enough room to layer a swiftly LS or Cabin LS underneath.  Also, the sleeves could have been finished off a bit better. The tags claim there are thumbholes and cuffins but it’s actually just thumbholes and a raw edge of fleece and no cuffins. I’m not sure why they didn’t finish the sleeves off like the Don’t Hurry Be Happy Pullover.  Over all I really like this jacket but it’s coming in at the sacrifice of other wish list items and I will not go over my monthly budget because of it. 

**Another thing to note is there are actually 3 kinds of fleece in this. The outside fleece which is like the DHBH, the sherpa fleece at the neckline and the fleece on the inside is a medium pile fleece that is super silky. 

Off The Mat Jacket TTS (size 10)

Thats my Joe Fresh Pima Cotton Tee underneath. Got that baby for  $10 and it’s lolo purple!

 New Gratitude Wrap in store today , HWHT/BLRG

Passed in favour of the Off The Mat Jacket but I also didn’t care for this color of the GW anyways. It’s an off-white oatmealy grey white with a blurred grey inner liner. I would have loved a GW in Ghost White, unheathered. 

 The new dance items where in store today. The top on the right is a running luon flowey long sleeve tee. Forgot what it’s called but it was nice. Tutu was a bit ridiculous. For $98 it didn’t even feel very substantial or different from the dress up tutu’s I get for my daughters at the toy store. 

 Run Turn Around Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve

These were in store today and super, super cute. Both long sleeves and short sleeves. The interesting thing is that these aren’t really running luon but mini check on one side and pique on the other. When you see them up close they look like a sweater knit which is really cool. They are soft but not the same type of soft as running luon. 

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