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What did you guys order today?

I caved and joined the bandwagon and got the Black Swan Cuddle Up. It was a moment of weakness and poor impulse control and I had not planned on getting one at all. I didn’t even try one on in store when I saw them since I didn’t want to be swayed despite the fact that I love the Black Swan, Ghost and Lilac a lot. I just didn’t feel like I *needed* one since I have two scubas from this year already and I also had trouble deciding which one is prettiest and was to overwhelmed to try one on. What made me get one was the heathered black swan is such a pretty color. I don’t plan on getting any tanks in this color or any other jackets and I’d be sad later I think, especially since this one is a Heathered Black Swan and not just Black Swan and the contrast stitching is so pretty. I also heard on facebook that the Cuddle Ups this year are softer than last years and as soft and stretchy as the Snowy Owl Scuba that everyone loved. Ah well, I’ll decide if I’m keeping it later. 

Cuddle Up Jacket Black Swan

Love this photo of the Cuddle Up. It’s what made me decide I liked this color best. 

Another hot seller today were these Dog Runner Pants. Besides my love for them I’ve heard a lot of other great reviews for them. Running luon liner = whats not to love. I just find these so flattering on and a great luon pants and jeans alternative. I wish I’d seen the Deep Coal ones in store, I would have likely gone with those over the black since I prefer the less obviously a track pant color.  Also, I tried out the ‘Chat Live’ option today to see if these come in a 12 in any store location. They weren’t uploaded in a 12 and most of my product alerts only went up to size 10 and the chat live confirmed that they don’t come in a 12 at all for some bizarre reason. I’m having weird fit issues with pants lately so would have tried out the 12 for more thigh and butt room. While my waist has gotten smaller from Crossfit my thighs have bulked up a bit from the squats and my butt and more prominent. Much firmer but seems bigger. This is a problem with pants now and so I’ll be selling my size 8 Raw Blue Dance Studio Pants if anybody is interested. The 10 in the Dog Runners is the right size for me but slightly snugger than 10 DSP’s. Not a full size up item but maybe a 1/4 smaller? I love the waist though. No muffin top which I love. 

Run: Dog Runner Pants

I think this is how relaxed they look when you go up a size or if you have thinner legs. They don’t look big or sloppy at all but more like boarder pants. TTS looks really nice too. 

These ones are probably TTS and more how the size 10 looks on me. 

  1. Too funny!! I did exactly the same thing. I have two cuddle ups from last year but I just love the black swan colour. I missed the GW so had to have that something in that colour.

  2. I bought a BS & black Cuddle up today. I didn't like the colors last year but decided it would be nice to have a sweatshirt without a hood in case I want to layer. BS is so beautiful, I can't wait to see the heathered version in person. I bought the GW in BS so I'm glad the cuddle up is heathered, it will look different. I guess it's my way of justifying having both.

  3. Didn't get anything either, because the new Lulu store opens here in Cincinnati in 7 days – I'm so psyched! I'm from Toronto, and used to have to wait until I was home to really peruse a store…so glad we'll have our own. I did order the integrity hot tank last week on line and that just showed up yesterday. Got the lilac color, and it is amazing! Sadly, the tank just has too little support for me. But I'm obsessed with getting something in the same lilac color – so beautiful! Tania

  4. I had the same experience when I started CrossFit two years ago. The WODs were so hard and I was working so hard that I wasn't so much watching what I was eating. In my first three months I gained 8 pounds!!! None of my pants fit. It took me about 6 months to come around to what my coaches were practically screaming at me – it's 80% about your diet and 20% about your workout. It wasn't until I cut grains from my diet that I lost the 8 pounds and started to lean out. You'll read in a lot of places that CrossFit is not necessarily a "leaning out" program – you really need to change your diet to see a difference.

    I don't know you or anything about your diet – so please please please don't think I'm preaching at YOU to change how you are eating – just sharing my experience. I have before and after photos on my blog.

  5. I wish those pants came in a 12! I wear a 10 in the DSP's and these are definately a little more snug. I talked to a GEC when I called to order them and she said that they were made in a 12 but they were sold out. Not sure if I trust the GECs though. They are not always knowledgable about their product (plus I am still waiting for one to call me back that said she would follow up the same day as the GW fiasco. LOL!). Anyway, I also ran marathons and did an extensive lifting program and I didn't lean out either until I cut out all wheat and sugar. I was a fit, but angry and bitter woman (haha!). I think it's awesome you are working out so faithfully!

  6. Oh and I did order them (Dog runners) in a 10, but they are going back. A little too tight and does the funky pulled look in the front. I also ordered that houndstooth define and bought the Stride in the same print and both run a little tight. I settled on the deep camo pique define and it runs a little loose, which is perfect because I like a 'skim' more than a 'squeeze' from my clothes. It's gorgeous, soft and a definate keeper!

  7. I know it's so hard to not weigh yourself, but it's not about what the scale says. It's truly about how you feel and how you fit in your clothes. If you are already noticing differences in definition and such, then congratulations! Many people get stuck in a workout rut and don't see results whatsoever, so be proud that you are actually seeing results because it takes hard work. If the whole scale thing still worries you and you'd like to "lose weight" then maybe try incorporate runing/cardio into your crossfit mix, that is if you can find time. Also, I just wanted to say that I love your blog and all of your photos. You make such a beautiful model!

  8. @Melli, Thanks! I agree I really need to start going paleo. I've been easing into it but its a hard habit to break so I've just been more mindful of eating more protein centred meals for now but when the kids meals include some form of carb I find it hard not to take a bite or two of whatever I'm preparing them. I haven't been eating more but my weight has gone up about 4lbs (6 if you include the post marathon gain) My trainer insists it's muscle gains but I dunno. It's a bit frustrating working out so hard and not going down a size or down in weight.I'm struggling to come to terms with having to adjust my eating. My waist is definitely smaller and maybe my arms are leaner but not the rest of me.

  9. crossfit really helped my fitness but i did notice a lot of muscle gain in the side of my quads, hamstrings and shoulders.very frustrating that my top size went up to make room for my shoulders and my pants are tight bc of bigger quads. i used to have an unlimited pass but now i only go once or twice a week, i'm hoping that will help feminize me haha, but i find when you only go once or twice a week the WODS are a lot harder.

  10. lulumum-Cross fit is great if you want to be strong and gain muscles. I had to stop lift heavy about a year a go because of an injury and lost few pounds( probably muscles)when I stopped.When I did cross fit,I wore a size bigger in lulu because of muscles in my upper and lower body( specially shoulders,quads,hamstring). I find that running and "bar/Dailey method"classes keep the body lean and strong enough..( well..not that strong but ok).With lots of repetition and light weight (and using your body as weight),you get lean muscles and don't gain weight. So…it really depends on your goal.

  11. I ordered size 8 in black swan and size 8 and 10 in lilac cuddle up jackets and they arrived today.
    And guess what, size 10 turned out to be too big ( my usual size is 8 but 10 in define and SFT jackets) so I will be returning both colors and just ordered size 8 in black swan. There have too too much buying and returning…..

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