Obsessing Lately: Tadasana Slit Crops

I’ve been looking for some crops that I can wear to CrossFit and had been thinking about getting Groove Crops but I’ve been more and more interested in these Tadasana Slit Crop. They’ve looked fantastic in every picture I’ve seen of them and I really like that the bottom hem is not wide and that the legs are narrow. I haven’t seen them at my local store yet but when I do I’ll be trying them on. Possibly it’ll be what I order for Upload.

  1. Hi:
    I tried them on yesterday. Unless I was reading the tag wrong (and I may have) the price was $86.00USD. They have a medium rise, so they sit higher than the WU. I prefer the fit of the WU. I think they're most similar to the old Boogie Crop, just a slightly higher rise. I also prefer the fit of the Grooves. I can't remember how the Gather n Grows fit. My biggest issue was a slightly thicker (material-wise), and the band height (amount of waistband from the top of the leg to waist). I didn't find that so comfy, and they gave me a bit of muffin top, which is weird considering the higher rise.
    I loved the slit in the back, but for my body type, I didn't think they were the best fit. I don't think the harsh lighting in my store's fitting rooms helped, though! If I brought them home, I may have felt different…

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