Product Drop Monday – Store Report

I squeezed a trip in to the closest lululemon between Dr.’s appointments this afternoon in hopes that I would find a Raspberry Cool Racerback Tank but sadly there was nothing in store for me today. I also wanted a second pair of Astro WU Crops and they were totally sold and the educator suggested they wouldn’t be back till next year. I was momentarily tempted by the Get Down Jacket in black but wasn’t sure about how flattering such a puffy jacket is on me and at $248 I really needed a second opinion. The fit is TTS and super, super warm. It’s really light but I just felt bulky in it, especially since I was wearing my mom crops. Last years puffy jacket was initially priced at $220 and then marked down to $178 so I think I’m going to wait for the price to get re assessed back down to reason before I buy. Honestly I’d rather pay the big bucks for a North Face puffy jacket.

Get Down Jacket $248

650 count/fill

See Me Ride Poncho – $198

I didn’t try this jacket on today because for something so..shal we say ‘trendy’ I prefer a much lower price point. I do see how this See Me Ride line was designed with Vancouverites in mind. There is a great number of people that ride to work here year round in various inclement conditions from far away suburbs to downtown. We have great bike lanes and it’s part of the culture here. My husband was thinking of starting to ride to work from Coquitlam to Downtown Vancouver this fall so he’ll be interested to see if the mens line also has an equivalent, sans poncho. 

Dash Tank 

My sister got the Dash Tank this past weekend in Dewberry and it looked super pretty on her. I’m tempted by the Rocksteady and Clear Blue Sky Dash Tanks that I saw today but didn’t bite the bullet. Maybe next week. 

Manifesto Long Sleeve

 Oy!!! These harem pants were bad enough in luon last year but luxtreme harem pants are awful. saggy, baggy and shiny to boot. 

 Scuba Hoodie Nesting Bird Print 

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