Apres Piste Jacket is Here!

Back in August we got a sneak peek of this Apres Piste Jacket over here when a Lululemon store accidentally sent out a product alert email with images of items not yet in stores. Today the Halifax Lululemon facebook page has released these images of the jacket in Black and Wren (sizes 4-12). I’ll get a chance to check these out later today so I’ll try and get you a fit report. 

Apres Piste Jacket 

  1. Crap ! I had convinced myself that I must have made this coat up in my head and it didn't really exist, because we never heard about it again. I was resigned to just wearing my older Columbia jacket this year (after rocking a maternity winter coat for 2 yrs). Now what ?!

  2. I have this jacket from last year's release. the only difference looks like the belt connects in the back, instead of the front. I absolutely love it. It is pricey, but I don't feel at all guilty about the purchase. I live in NYC, so the winters here can be harsh, but a lot of the time, I could get away with this and a long sleeve swiftly. I wear a size 6 in most lulu tanks/tops, I have broad ,muscular shoulders and back. this is not too tight in those areas. I ride my bike everywhere, and this washed well. It didn't hold the funk, and i washed it 2 or 3 times last winter, and it still looks great. Some people had a problem with the detachable hood unzipping on itself, I just always made sure I locked the zipper pull down all the way. Definitely worthy the price, whatever it is this year.

  3. Olivia – I was going to say the same thing about the Joe Fresh jacket. Looks like the similar styling but more the fabric of the Apres Yoga jacket. Not as puffy as this one. Frankly, I like the Joe one better and, for less than 1/3 the price, how can you go wrong?

  4. "warmest insulated" … but I don't think it's down filled or it would say that. If it's a hefty price, and not down filled, then I don't think I will consider it.

  5. This jacket is really nice! A flattering cut that would really work for everyone – not always what Lulu does for jackets, huh? haha

    I do want to mention to my fellow Canadians that when I was out trying to find an inexpensive (well, less than Lulu) hooded fall raincoat I came across one that was more of a fall weighted version of this – at Walmart of all places – for $55. It even had the waist cinching side belt things! I liked it, but it was a bit too big in the only sizes they had available, but it looked exactly like these!

    Also, when I did find a coat, it was at Joe Fresh at Loblaws, for a similar lulu-style hood with a 3/4 coat length similar to these – for $69.

  6. I have last year's Pinnacle coat, which looks very similar except for the belt. The price was $298.00. I live in Saskatchewan where we get very cold winters, sometimes -40 to -50 with a windchill. I found the coat to be very warm, and felt that it was good value for the price. Still looks like new for this season as well.

  7. I saw this in store today, it was $298.00
    It was gorgeous, I didnt buy it though because I am short and it hit at my knees and looked ridiculous.

  8. Jacket is cute but I would be hesitant about buying because there is no warranty. It's not like buying a North Face, Patagonia, or REI brand jacket – those things are guaranteed for life for any minor damage. Although I love lululemon products I don't think they are the best quality (and I take verrrrry good care of them!)

  9. Saw the jacket today in my store. Yes lovely the green was great, fit tight in the sleeves which seems to be a Lulu thing lately. The whole inside is embroidered with a feather pattern which was lovely. It also made the jacket not puffy. It is not down but fibrefill and came in black and green. Nice but not sire it's $298 nice!

  10. the warranty comment is the decisionmaker for me. No way am i paying 300 for a coat that has absolutely no warranty support. that's what i hate about lulu clothes – you buy it and no matter what happens, tough shit.

  11. looks great but i can't trust the quality. winter coats are the workhorses of my wardrobe, and i'm not spending $300 when i could buy something with a lifetime warranty elsewhere.

  12. I just bought this coat in black and it looks great – I'm hoping it will keep me warm and dry this winter. I live in a ski resort so also hoping to get lots of use out of it.

    I'm surprised at the comment about Lululemon's warranty. I have been buying Lululemon clothes ever since they opened the first store many years ago. I've only had to return about 3 things out of the dozens I have bought because they were defective (I'm uber-picky but fair) and when I returned them, the store educators/managers didn't hesitate to either repair the item or give me credit for something else in the store.

  13. DO NOT BUY THIS JACKET!! IT IS NOT WARM!!! My girl friend tried this jacket on in store and she was very warm, but when we got home and she tried it on outside she was cold in 10 degree weather! Toronto winters can get very cold -30 cold this jacket will not hold up as advertised! Saying its warm and insulated is a load of crap! I wanted to return it and get her a Columbia Jacket but low and behold LULU lemons atrocious return policy wont allow me to return it when the tags are taken off! Do not trust the sales staff when they say this Jacket is warm they will lie to you to get the sale. I had a funny feeling we bought the jacket I saw it in the sales staff faces the guilt of them selling a defective "lemon* to an exciting women shopping for a winter jacket, Now I'm 330 dollars in the hole!!

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