Upload Thursday Eve

Some goodies were uploaded today and I was momentarily swayed by a few and then decided to wait till next week instead since I’ve been liking something pretty much weekly since the end of July. I want to save my pennies for a running luon pullover or long sleeve which I’m hoping will come in heathered raspberry. 

**Updated: I caved and ordered the Run For Your Life Tank in Raspberry. Buy now decide later, right?

What did you guys get today?

The Run Inspire Jacket looks really pretty in this color but I have two Hustle Jackets which I prefer. I wonder if the fit issues the Inspire jacket had in the upper arms and shoulders has been changed. 

I would have gotten this skirt since it comes in my size in a tall but it’s a 2 way stretch and not 4 and the 2 way stretch rides up on me. Shame because I love this print.

 Not gonna lie, I was tempted by this tank soley for the color. I was thinking this would be something I’d like for CrossFit but I think I want to try it on first since I don’t normally wear tanks with attached bras. 

 Lots of you have been waiting on the Audrey Jacket. Luckily all three colors have been uploaded at once so you don’t have to wait and wonder if your preferred color will ever be uploaded. 

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