Right As Rain Jacket Details

Well…I was initially impressed with the pricing on this jacket until I compared it to last years Everyday Yoga Jacket which was in and around this price point and I realized it’s not the same type of rain jacket. The Everyday Yoga Jacket (and the Audrey Jacket) were thicker and warm enough that I was able to wear mine thru the winter in Vancouver.  I do like this jacket because it’s soft and flexible, but that’s because it’s lacking the inner fleece of last years versions of the rain jackets and so this is an early fall jacket or spring jacket that wont transition well to cooler weather. You will probably really like that this jacket isn’t as stiff as the others. I found my Audrey Jacket (although loved it) not so flexible and harder to wear while driving or loading the kids in and out of the car. It’s also easier to wear a long sleeve shirt under this since there is no fleece to cause friction while putting your sleeves on. I tried on the size 10 and it fit well, I would not have been able to get away with the size 8 so I think this runs half a size small. For reference, my Audrey Jacket was size 8 and had some room for thin underlayers. If you’re in the market for a pre winter jacket and will wear something different for the colder months then I think this jacket will be perfect for you. 

Right As Rain Jacket

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