Review: My First Speed Skirt

Last week I decided to order the Run Speed Skirt (tall) in Snowy Owl to try out since I’ve been running in just crops for the past 2 years now and I was so tired of feeling too hot on my runs and getting bad tan lines on me legs. Lulu shorts just don’t work for me and aren’t made to fit my curvier shape and bigger thighs so I’ve had to stick to crops. Since about April I’ve been trying on every short that lulu has come out with to no avail. They are all too short on me and very unflattering. There have been some that have been ok, Run The Fastest Short, Turbo Short but then the shorts ride up in the middle and look like diapers and that is not a good look. 

My order from Thursday decided to take a little longer to arrive so I headed out to my store to see if I can find any tall length speed skirts to try on. I found both the Royalty one and the Snowy Owl and I liked both but found the Royalty one to be more flattering with the undershorts matching the skirt. The size 10 fit perfectly and once I was over the shortness of the hemline I realized what the big deal with skirts is. I used to think it was just a silly fashion statement meant to make you look cute on your runs but I was so wrong. They are perfect for curvier figures in that they don’t ride up creating diaper butt, don’t hug your curves and they disguise butt jiggle while running. 

Last night I finally got to take them out for a 3 mile run and they are unbelievable. The fit is perfect and comfortable. My iphone fits well in the gel pocket on the front and since the waist is wider then my running crops the pocket is deeper and almost the entire phone fits inside. I can easily take the iphone out to change songs or playlists and then pop it back in. With my run crops I have to angle the phone in and jam it in there which is a bit of a struggle but eventually it gets safely tucked in, I just can’t take it in and out often to change my playlist. The inner shorts are long enough that I had no friction or chafing while running and it was so amazing to finally get to wear something short for a run. I think I would probably wear this right into the fall since my preference is really to run with bare legs. I will definitely be buying more tall Speed Shorts from now on. 

Run Speed Skirt Tall

  1. I agree, the run skirt looks great on you! I tend to prefer that my shorts or skirts reach my knees, but you have you me thinking now… 😉

  2. The elastic on the liner of the skirts gives me a rub mark that the shorts don't. I am usually good in skirts on runs less than 5K. Just saying.

  3. I am so happy you tried on! You and I have a similar shape so I wondered how these would look on me. I went by the LULU store today but did not dare go in to try on. Now I just might!


  4. Looks great on you! I give you credit for sticking it out in crops all summer long. I can't imagine squeezing into crops right now. It was hard enough doing that last summer for spin class, even knowing I'd be going into a/c.

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