Today was shopping day at Costco and I had a look at the athletic apparel since I’ve been on the lookout for the Tuffs Athletic Cool Racerback Tanks (none found at the Still Creek Costco) and I spotted these 100% Merino Wool long sleeve tops made by a company called SEG’MENTS and as it turns out they are owned by the same company that owns Tuffs Athletics,   Cascadia Fashions

I’m really sensitive to wool and when Lululemon came out with their version of a wool running pullover, the Run Balance Pullover I really wanted to love it since it came in a color I loved but it had a thicker scratchier texture then the Icebreaker brand running tops which are the top of the line brand for wool sports apparel and I just couldn’t bite the bullet on it. As I saw others wear the Run Balance Pullover throughout the winter I noticed it wasn’t handling wash and wear very well for it’s price point. I’ve really been wanting to try wool tops for running since trying wool socks and falling in love with them. They have the best wicking and temperature moderation and they’ve taken me from winter to summer. 

This top at Costco felt very nice to the touch and very thin and the best part of all was it’s priced at $15.99!! And made in Canada! It wasn’t being marketed as a running top but I will certainly wear it for running once it gets to long sleeve swiftly weather. For $15.99, if the shirt looks worn out after a few washes but continues to perform then I’ll be quite a happy shopper indeed. It came in a few colors for the V-Neck (Royal, Dewberry/Raspberry, a kelly green, beige, black, and this Crewneck version which came in most of the colors with the addition of Light Classic Sports Grey. I would have liked a v-neck but couldn’t find one in my preferred colors and size. I got this in a large so that it’s roomy in the middle and more slouchy and I’m quite happy with the fit. It’s form following but not fitted and TTS so the large is slouchy enough for running. I can’t wait to try this out for a cold weather run! 

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