by Cristina

Monday Product Drop (Updating Post)

August 8, 2011

New SE Cool Racerback Tank

the mesh detailing is also on the Run For Your Life Pullover and overlayed over the reflective strip on the back

Run For Your Life Pullover $99: Royal, Magnum and Dewberry

I got this one today! It’s beautiful!! 

Dance Studio Jacket Royal

I didn’t see this one today. Or maybe I did because I did notice Dance Studio Jackets but I thought they were just the Grapeseed ones so I didn’t look closely. 

Modern Racer Tank Heathered Wren, Heathered Ghost White, Heathered Dewberry

Heathered Wren MRT..Mmmmmm I was soooo tempted by this one and the heathered ghost today. It took everything I had not to buy them both. 

I was really sad to not see these Modal Relaxed Fit Pants today. Oh well, its better that I didn’t because I may have been tempted. 

Vinyasa Scarf $48

Sadly, it looks like this Vinyasa scarf is the same size as the initial run which was priced at $32. It’s not finished with grossgrain ribbon like the original was either. That being said, I’d have to say this is my favourite one I’ve seen (heathered dewberry running luon) but so not worth the price. I’m quite outraged that an item as simple as this one has seen 3 price increases in one year while the detail to construction has decreased. 

Be Me Tee

hmmmmm. This is such an odd duck. It’s knitted like all of the other Rayon/bamboo wraps but the back has a panel of tencil. It’s $78. If you love it I think you can safely wait for markdown on this one. 

Run Take Flight Jacket $179

I feel that the price on this jacket is quite outrageous. It’s a really nice jacket but it’s a mid season, cool weather running jacket and it doesn’t have a ton of features. The inside is gradient mesh so you wont get the versatility that some of the other jackets have had. Also there is a lot less reflectivity on this jacket compared to the Hustle Jacket which I was able to wear in cool and cold weather in pitch dark and cost $148. I hate that they call this 360* reflectivity when it only has a little tiny reflective strip on the front at the cuffs. The Hustle had reflectivity on the entire front chest area and that was truly 360* visibility. 

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