Some Product Alert Additions

Universal Wrap Dewberry

Lulu has released a ton of these Rayon/Bamboo/Cashmere blended wraps over the past two years and I’m surprised the changes on them are so subtle (really its just slight alterations on fit and some design changes to the back). I got the Mudra wrap a few months ago and really like it  but I don’t feel the need to have more then one wrap in this style so I will be definitely passing. I think the addition of snap buttons like the Savasana wrap would be nice or a nice sash/belt made of the same knit fabric. The durability of these fabrics is a bit hit or miss for me, my Mudra Wrap has faired well, my Wish Blue Chai Time Pullover has done ok although a bit fuzzy and my grey Chai Time has gotten very pilly, very fuzzy to the point that it’s hard to keep it looking groomed. 

 Scuba Hoodie Dewberry Wee Stripe

This is the prettiest Scuba I’ve seen in a long time. This one up close looks like the inner stripe is Wren which is a lovely combination against Dewberry. I will not be getting a scuba hoodie this fall/winter sadly because I really don’t like the price increase in them but if you get this one you will probably have me running up to you to pet your scuba. 

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