This itty-bitty little photo (another photo added)  of the newest “Pearl” luxtreme CRB tank called ‘heathered pigeon’ was just posted on facebook. I’m intrigued by the fit of this tank because it seems a bit different from the luon version but I think it’s just because the model has it pulled way down to expose her bra underneath.

 Someone kindly posted this picture of the newest Run: Weightless Single  on the This Just In Group on Facebook and she points out the puckering at the top of the bust. She stayed TTS with her CRB size which she wears on the looser size. I think you could safely size down in this tank for a smoother look over the bust since the lower portion of this tank is so loose fitting.

The Weightless Tank is made out of a new material called Ultra Light Swift. Despite the puckering at the bust this is on my wish list. It seems so ideal for running and I’d really love to try it out. 

 See how loose it is in the torso? You could probably safely size down for a snugger look in the chest. 

And…Bullerias Tank is back in Royalty!!


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