The big news for this weeks product drop was the Energy SL and the Manifesto LS and some new colorways for previously released items such as the Deep Breath Tank and the Circuit Tank. I got my Heathered Navy Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket earlier in the week and so I’m pretty much set unless for some reason lulu decides to make a Heathered Navy Modern Racer Tank which I doubt they will and since I feel so burned  with my Savasana Wrap (paid $118 only to see it marked down to $49 two weeks later..and then $29 at the FO on game day!) I’m in no rush to make more purchases. 

I tried on the Let It Loose Tank Surge The other day and really liked it. The fit was a lot nicer on me then the No Limit Tank was but in the end I passed because I have the Pure Focus Tank already and don’t need another sheer luon flowy tank for the summer. The luxtreme bra with sheer luon overlay is a dreamy combination though, If your considering that for tomorrows upload I recommend you go for it. I also am really loving my SFT Jacket and just wish it wasn’t too hot out to wear such a jacket (no I’m not wishing the sun away!). I’m sure that will be uploaded tomorrow as well for those of you waiting for it.  

I think what I love most about the SFT Jacket compared to the old WWA Jacket is that the WWA had panels of fabric on either side of the zipper on the inside of the jacket and it always showed thru on the outside (and also was an area that tended to fade where it created a ridge). The SFT Jacket however has a lovely grossgrain ribbon instead of the fabric panels. I also find the SFT much more contoured to the waist and shorter in length then the WWA so you don’t get that tubular look.  My top three purchases since January have been the SFT Jacket, Modern Racer Tanks and the Pure Focus Tanks. 

As for the Manifesto LS, I haven’t seen any images in my product alerts this week from any stores (I’ve heard of one person who has seen it in her PA), and Vancouver area stores have not received these. I wonder if this is an exclusive to certain location item and will not be available everywhere. Hopefully for those of you that are hoping to buy this it gets uploaded tomorrow but my hunch is that it wont be. 

What are you hoping to buy tomorrow?

Deep Breath Tank

Run Energy SL

Lively Crewneck Tee

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